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welcome to my studio



I can only assume you are browsing my virtual studio section of the internet because you are engaged and stationery is next on your to-do-list.


I created THE LITTLE BLUE CHAIR with the purpose and heart to simply provide incredible stationery (not selected from a giant binder) that helps set tell YOUR story. ...but even more, and call me intrusive (I prefer spirited), I really love to help my brides plan their wedding. I sort of endowed myself with the title "virtual wedding planner." I wholeheartedly believe that your engagement should be a graceful and exciting chase to the main course: the marriage.

..and it should be enjoyed, not stressed over.



Think of stationery on the same level as your wedding gown. Hear me out... The values are unmistakably the same. THE dress, in all its shapes and forms plays a pivitol role for you and your groom (and everyone for that matter). Your soon-to-be husband will see you in a way he has never seen you before and will never see you this way again.

The stationery, in all its shapes and forms, relatively provides the same. The stationery (dare I say) plays an equally pivotal role for you and your guests. A portrayal of what I can only assume is the ultimate celebration, other than the day you were born, made in your honor. 

...and I think there is something spectacularly romantic about a gown that is worn once and only once and a collection of papers and words used once and only once.


The Wedding Papers Collection is our new semi-custom line and as equally spectacular as our custom work. The Collection entails the same attention to detail, custom illustrations, and simple design that achieves an exclusive aesthetic mood and emotion as a custom piece. In reality, it is custom. The paper is still handmade, the process entails a series of customizations, added illustrations are done by hand, and the final design is still hand-fed in to a near century old letterpress.

The Collection is for the bride looking for that same something special as custom work, but with a little guided assistance at more accessible approach.


Over the years, we've perfected a set of tools in order to supply TLBC brides with the best use of their time as they plan their wedding. We like to see our brides and grooms alike enjoy the process of planning and mindfully orchestrate this season of engagement.

No bride should get to the end of their engagement and wish for it to be over. By staying on track of your planning from the beginning, you allow plenty of open space to enjoy this exciting and short season of your life and prepare for the marriage that lies ahead.




Working with Hope was a little bit of a dream for me. As a bride you are going through so many uncertainties, decisions and ultimately just a lot of stress. Hope became my sounding board as well as this just amazing presence that always kept me grounded through the wedding planning process. I knew that for me, the wedding suite was so important. Getting married in Texas away from most of our friends and family, I knew that the invitation would be the first taste of our wedding for most of our guests and I wanted their first impressions to embody not only our wedding, but our relationship as well. That being said, the custom route was just the only option in my mind. It allowed Hope to get to know me and my fiancé, our relationship and turn that knowledge into the simple details that made our invitation suite awe worthy. I wouldn't change a thing about the direction we went! It was effortless and so fruitful. Our invitations were absolutely AMAZING and Hope never hesitated to go above and beyond my expectations. The only part of the process I am sad for is that it is over! TLBC will forever hold a warm place in my heart. Ladies don't let the world of digital invites sway you, the TLBC takes the art of the handmade, handprinted invitation to a new level. You not only will have an invitation suite that will set your heart ablaze but you will leave with a friend and confidant.

-Sarah J - The White Sparrow Barn, Quinlan, Texas

Not only is Hope an extremely talented artist and designer, she was an absolute joy to work with.  We opted for a custom design, which could have been a bit daunting given all the options, but Hope's positivity and thoughtfulness put us at ease.  After providing her with some details about the wedding, she provided us with several beautiful designs to choose from.  Our invitations turned out beautifully and perfectly matched the tone of our wedding. I'm an artist myself, so I understand that the custom route can be extensive, as it's an iterative process.  However, I believe that the questions Hope asked on the front end really helped her to understand the style we were looking for. It was well worth the additional time, as we ended up with a gorgeous custom invitation. My favorite part of working with TLBC was Hope's energy and positivity.  She's so thoughtful and it shows in the beauty and quality of her work.  I'm so grateful to have had the chance to support an artist such as Hope.

-Emilie D. - Fonte Blanc, Gordes, France


I loved working with TLBC. It was the perfect combination of using my own creativity and vision combined with the expertise and experience that I was lacking and needing. While going the custom route was extensive, it's what I was wanting. I loved the collaboration process and coming up with different ideas and getting one step closer to our vision with each conversation. My favorite part of working together was putting our ideas together and creating such beautiful pieces as a team that really embodied what I was searching for and had envisioned. Hope, you were the best partner and inspiration in this process. Our tastes were so aligned and I so enjoyed our time spent on our wedding stationary. Thank you again for everything! 

-Ali T. - Lingrow Farms, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania