This challenge will help narrow your wedding vision and ensure that all your decisions and planning help create a cohesive mood, emotion, and experience for you and your guests.

Grab your dancing shoe...


Of the words you see below, select SIX that best (and honestly) describe your overall wedding vision.
For example, you may not want to select modern and sophisticated if you're getting married in this rustic lodge on a mountain top.

romantic   airy   traditional   formal   rustic   modern
intimate   bohemian   eclectic   textural   floral-inspired   natural
woodland   organic   off-beat   feminine   masculine   sophisticated
trendy   whimsical   vintage   eccentric   urban   timeless
sensible   luxurious   tropical   shabby-chic   extravagant   destination


THEN, and this is the hard part, I want you to narrow those six words to JUST THREE WORDS.


Ask yourself: How can I use these three words through out my wedding planning?

When you meet with your florist.
Florists are, by nature, creative designers. They take a vision and bring it to life using peonies and pretty cousins of alike flowers and greenery in season. Florists are not, by nature, keen on your wedding vision ...unless you express what exactly your vision entails.

Use your three words!

When you coordinate your wedding party attire.
When selecting your wedding party attire, specifically those pretty bridesmaids dresses, take in to consideration the feel and formality you want to portray. Let your three words dictate your attire. For example, let's say your three words are "romantic, airy, and floral-inspired." Maybe gear your efforts towards an A-line floral pattern dress. Let's assume your landed on "timeless, traditional, romantic," you'll want to stay away from trends and stick to a traditional color and style.

Use your three words!

When you plan your stationery design.
When you are ready to tackle your wedding stationery, use these three words to describe what you are looking for with your stationery. Your wedding vision can greatly guide your stationery design and ultimately help factor in and narrow down material aspects and even costs.

Use your three words!

Think about your wedding vision as a branding agency would think about a new business. You want an overall cohesive feel that will ultimately tell you and your loved one's story.


I'd love to hear from you. I'd be happy to take a look at your wedding vision words to see where I can help guide you!

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