Bespoke Stationery Design

Bespoke means to create specifically for a person, to tailor make, make to fit. An endless amount of creative energy is put fourth each project, fabricating inspiration from beginning to end. As the sole designer, I only take on a small number of projects per year to ensure that each project is given the utmost attention to detail. TLBC centers much of its focus on the textural details of the assembly, as do TLBC clients. TLBC clients generally invest $50,000 to $75,000 on the hosted wedding and stationery is of great importance.

A commissioned stationery project turn-around time ranges from 8-10 weeks (based on complexity). Contact TLBC today to join the calendar.


the white sparrow barn wedding

The White Sparrow Barn project became my stationery baby. The bride was a former fine arts major with a focus in papermaking. Sarah had a romantic, textural, and feminine inspiration for this suite and together, we pulled out our art backgrounds and brought all we had to the table. The White Sparrow Barn is notorious on its own, so we included a hand sketch of the barn that became sort of the "brand" of the wedding. You will find the barn emblem through out several stationery pieces that, over the course of the wedding, pulled everything together cohesively. 

garden wedding inspiration shoot

Combined textures and loads of florals is what drove this shoot in The Orangerie Building at The Botanical Gardens. The mix of creamy whites and greens applauded the brick walls and natural wood accents throughout this dreamy location. Stationery was a meaningful influence here as well. We wanted to show how a couple can really preface the big day with certain design elements found in your invitation as well as bringing in cohesive "day-of" pieces. The overall styling roused a whimsical experience that left us all in a day dream of handmade paper and florals.





Making decisions is one of my weak points; however, Hope was able to help guide me in the process. I believe that an invitation sets the mood of an entire event. My wedding invitations were the first thing my guests saw in regards to my wedding. I wanted them to be just as excited about the day as I was.
— Brooke
We are all so obsessed with everything. The invitations, the lavender, even the packaging on all of it. They’re perfect.
— Ali
...working with Hope was like working with my best friend. She knew where I was going with my ideas and I never questioned her judgment. Our wedding suite was absolutely perfect - I still use some of our thank you notes!
— Jessica
This is everything I could have ever hoped for.
— Sarah