Wedding Collection

The wedding collection houses five pre-designed semi-custom suites with the same attention to detail as a full custom project. Each suite is made for you to build up your ideal stationery package, tailoring the design with minor customizations to suit your needs.


the RYAN & NORAH wedding suite

The RYAN & NORAH wedding suite is a whimsical take on warm neutrals. Pairing the oatmeal ink and the shades of grey envelopes, the suite portrays a simplistic and organic feel.


the ALEX & JAYNIE wedding suite

The ALEX & JAYNIE wedding suite is a homely spin on a modern design. Its bold typefaces and mix of papers contrast the script and warm shades of browns, greys, and whites. 


the BRYAN & KENDALL wedding suite

The BRYAN & KENDALL wedding suite gives a rustic & feminine feel to this design. The masculine woodgrain envelope liner compliments its blush pink envelope and floral design. 


the TYLER & FABI wedding suite

The TYLER & FABI wedding suite is an artful spin on the traditional black and white wedding. The hand drawn stripes on the envelope liner plays nicely with the handwritten, off the straight line typeface.


the ROBERT & ISLA wedding suite

The ROBERT & ISLA wedding suite is for your romantic couple. The soft neutrals and blush tones give a feel to the delicate nature of the blush colored, embellished script typeface.


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