A talented graphic designer and one who pulled out all the stops creating her own wedding invitations would think that, say with DIY wedding invitations, as long as you can create DIY wedding invitations as easy or as complicated as you’d like.

Many people go into creating their own invitations expecting to save on cost, but ll tell you up front: there are lots of cheap places to buy nice, professionally designed invitations with considerably less effort than it will take you: with all the free time in the world, you could try them out.

The first and most important step in getting started with DIY wedding invitations is to decide whether you will be using traditional invites or a modern one.

Traditional invites use envelopes, while modern ones have inner tabs or inner springs, which make them open like a book. The paper used to print off the invites will also depend on the type of wedding you are having: if it’s a church wedding, you’ll need a church wedding invitation paper, whereas if it’s a civil wedding, you’ll have more options.

wedding invitations
Example of wedding invitation

Once you’ve decided on the wedding invitations you are going to use, the next step is to choose what design style you’d like for your invites. There are several options, and your final choice will depend on your tastes, budget, venue, etc. Here’s a list of some wedding invitation styles and designs to help you get started.

List of some wedding invitation styles and design

  • Flat cards: these are a really popular option for wedding invitations today. They’re not only very aesthetically appealing, but also very economical: as little as two pieces of paper can produce enough invitations to fit a small family’s budget. Because they don’t have envelopes, there’s also very little post-consumer waste, which saves even more money in the long run. These invitations look very similar to post- Consumer Waste flat card invitations (except they have a nice elegant appearance).
  • Glossy Paper: glossy invitation cards cost more than flat cards, but they also last longer. Since they have a glossy finish on both sides, they don’t have as many wrinkles as flat cards. However, they still won’t be as attractive as wedding invitations with no finish. This option also requires more ink because of the glossy finish, and you may have to pay extra for ink at some venues. You may also need to request special ink in different colors for ethnic or Asian weddings.
  • Letterpress: this is a very old wedding invitation idea that still has a lot of potentials. The problem with this is that printing on wood takes lots of time, so the finished product may not always look its best. However, it’s a very attractive option, and it’s not too expensive either.
  • Wedding Invitations with Envelopes: if you don’t want to use your own wedding invitations (and you shouldn’t), you could get these engraved with your wedding date, venue, and address. There are two basic choices for wedding invitations with envelopes: you can get cheap custom-made wedding envelopes from stationers, or you can buy ready-made envelopes from online suppliers. Wedding stationers usually offer good quality at low prices. However, ready-made envelopes from online suppliers usually have higher quality and prices.
  • Personalized Paper: if you’re not keen on the idea of DIY wedding invitations (for whatever reason), there are other options. One option would be to use regular cardstock and decorate it yourself. You could use a sealer to create a homemade charm. This is probably the most difficult option since you need to carefully match your cardstock to your wedding theme. However, if you do decide to DIY your invitations, at least you’ll be sure that your guests have something to remember your wedding by!

If you’re looking to save money on wedding invitations, another great idea would be to make your own DIY wedding invitations from scratch.

There are many DIY wedding invitation software programs on the market, which will let you quickly create personalized wedding invitations within minutes! Don’t underestimate the ability of the computer to simplify your work, and make your life easier.

If you’d rather stick to the more traditional route, you can still find lots of wedding invitations available in a variety of price ranges online. Just be sure to spend some time on research, and you should be able to come up with invitations that fit your budget perfectly!