THE little BLUE CHAIR, founded by Hope Johnson, began as an actual little blue chair sat on to unwrap Christmas gifts. The sentiment of the unveiling and the surprise element of the package became the foundation for the business. Hope Johnson, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is inspired by her southern surroundings, organic textures and textiles, and a nice hairline stripe. 

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Custom stationery design, specialty assembly, fine cotton papers, letterpress printing, "will you be my bridesmaid?" cards, wood etched address stamps, hand painted detailing, vintage stamps, silkscreen, wedding day gifts, vow prints, wedding party accessories, and all of the other things you forgot you needed.




Here's my guess: You have impeccable taste, or you at least know what you like and don't like. You appreciate a nicely hosted gathering, Anthropologie browsing, and a neutral color pallet. Let's chat.


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custom wedding stationery design & letterpress printing for couples with a vision & story to tell
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