You are here because stationery is probably as important to you as the wedding gown ...or right up there in the top five priorities. You know there's something beautiful about paper and fine art printing and going custom seems as natural to you as the rising and setting sun.

The questions below will behave like a personality test for your wedding and your story. The more detailed, the more praise hands you'll be getting from me!

Name *
sometimes I send pretty snail mail
Here's mine: "Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever; in which every chapter is better than the one before." -C.S. Lewis
From this list of descriptive words, select six that describe a mood, emotion, or aesthetic feel you want to achieve: *
Think about the colors and textures you may have already selected with your floral design or wedding attire. Let's connect a color and texture pallet to your stationery design while staying inline with your wedding vision words. For a more organic color scheme and textural feel, we may want to stick to a lighter neutral tone. For something a bit more bold and refined, we may want to play up the formality of our colors. Tell me more (as simplistically or as detailed as you like).
What aspects are considered your MUST HAVES? For instance, you may KNOW you want handmade, deckled edge paper for your invitations. Maybe you KNOW you want to create some really amazing welcome gifts for your guests ("you do that?" you're thinking. ...yep, sure do!). Any must haves?
The BIG Day *
The BIG Day
Wedding Invitation Suite Build *
Tell me more about what will build your invitation suite.
Post Wedding Stationery Necessities *
Think of me as your one-stop-shop designer/curator. The theory is work smarter, not harder. Let me tie in all of the details that follow the stationery so you don't have to. Cheers to that!
rule of thumb: invitation count is usually about 1/2 - 2/3 of your total guest count
One a scale of 1 to 10, how traditional are you? (I'm a solid 5 ...where my aesthetics still achieve the formality of the event but with a healthy dose of personality and that "something different").
What presentation setups are you interested in talking about? *
feel free to select more than one route If you're unsure
Requested Invitation Mail-Out Date *
Requested Invitation Mail-Out Date
rule of thumb: wedding invitations should be mailed out approximately 8-12 weeks prior to the big day
Investments range on average between 3000-5000 for an entire curated collection of stationery and day-of hard-goods. A retainer of $750 and is due in full in order to book. The retainer will go towards the given budget and final balance(s). Investments are set up on a payment plan and ultimately take away the stress of budgeting and tasking the many items that follow in the upcoming months. Getting the highest and best use of your dollar (and a cohesive design) is the goal. In addition to your wedding stationery, what's your total investment figure for your stationery accessories and hardgoods (guest book, ceremony programs, menus and place cards, custom linens and reception goods, signage, etc.)?