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What would it feel like to CROSS OFF A HUGE PORTION of your wedding planning and consolidate your priorities?


You are in a very exciting season of life. You are doing things like making lists, wedding gown gazing, and all of those wonderful things in between.

YOU ARE FULL OF ENERGY, BUT OVERWHELMED WITH WHAT LIES AHEAD..the deafening moment of “OH, I actually have to plan and make decisions and research ALL of the things.”

We are here to help.


…it doesn’t matter how creative you are (or if you lack that creative bone). There is just no other adjective to describe such a task.

Believe us. We’ve been there. Some of us got engaged really early in our lives, around twenty years old. We were in college, designing and building our future home (crazy story), and working as entrepreneurs buying and flipping property. Oh, and engaged!

As brides, from the moment we say “I do” (or get off your knee, this is insane, but yes like me), we tend to enter this noisy world of wedding frenzy and push and pull towards too many different things.

We’ve created THE LITTLE BLUE CHAIR with the purpose and heart to simply provide incredible stationery (not selected from a giant binder) that helps set tell YOUR story. …but even more, and call us intrusive, we get it honestly – we help YOU plan your wedding. We sort of endowed ourselves with the title “virtual wedding planner.” We wholeheartedly believe that your engagement should be a graceful and exciting chase to the main course: the marriage.

..and it should be enjoyed.

This cross off a huge chunk of a to-do-list, tell me more.
We thought you’d never ask.

WE HELP BRIDES REGAIN CONTROL OF THEIR WEDDING PLANNING (and allow more time to enjoy being engaged)

How do you do this, you may ask

We provide couples with an exclusive collection of tools, perfected over years in the wedding industry to PLAN and LEARN how to empower your own wedding. Through helpful budget guides, etiquette tips, and of course a wedding checklist, we offer these (FREE) sources to all brides looking for a simple way to plan their own wedding.


I’m a creative at heart, you may think, but we need help
We have been there, friend. We work one-on-one with brides to do all of the above: budget plan, etiquette guidance, priority tasking …but plus some. We implement an entire cohesive design for wedding stationery and styling accessories. …from the beginnings of how you will ask your bridesmaids to stand by your side to the favors, your guests will grab as the line up for your reception exit. Think of us as your personal wedding stylists.


We want the custom look, but without the legwork

If that one-on-one sounds like a little more involved than you’re looking for, don’t fret. We get that! Maybe you’re just looking for beautiful stationery, but you have the planning and other details under control. We have you covered, my friend.

The Wedding Papers Collection is where you need to head. This is our new semi-custom collection that still holds all of the elusive details you’ll find in any of our work …delicate handmade papers, letterpress printing, hand-drawn illustrations. This al la carte style allows for fine-tooth tailoring so it’s still yours (and still custom).